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Prospective Students:

Please contact the Accommodation Section at accommodation@sta.uwi.edu for a temporary login.

This site was commissioned by the Student Advisory Services as a mechanism for providing information on the range of off-campus accommodation available to students of the University of the West Indies - St Augustine campus.

This site was developed out of the recognition of the great need that students or prospective students have on a yearly or even per semester basis.

This student off-campus accommodation service has been traditionally provided through the offices of the Student Advisory Services on campus. This web interface provides an extension of those accommodation services to better serve the student or prospective student.

Information specifically on how to search the available data can be accessed by clicking the search link in the navigational bar. Users of this service may also provide relevant feedback on the functions of this site



The information provided on this site is purely for the convenience of students of the University of The West Indies and the fact that premises are listed should not be considered as a recommendation or endorsement on the part of our University of any one of them. Although, we do perform random viewings, we do not accept any liability with respect to confirming the accuracy of the information provided nor the suitability of the accommodations for residential purposes. It is the responsibility of the student to contact the landlord directly. The University of the West Indies highly recommends a personal inspection of the premises and an exhaustive review of all arrangements with the landlord. Any student who does not feel qualified to entertain these investigations should seek either parental advice or professional assistance. Students are also warned that as tenants they may potentially incur risks which expose them to personal liability as occupiers of property. The University of The West Indies assumes no responsibility in respect of the condition of the premises in question, the lease terms negotiated with the landlord, nor any other matter related to the leasing of the premises.


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