The Student Life and Development Department (SLDD) seeks to address the needs for accessibility, equal opportunities, and academic success of the diverse populations of the student community at the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine Campus.

Support services for students with Disabilities and Medical Conditions are designed to ensure that there is the inclusion of all students in University life and to provide equal access (infrastructure/academic) to students who enter with or acquire a disability or medical condition.

  • Classroom and Examinations Accommodations - SLDD liaises with faculties and departments on behalf of students to negotiate classroom accommodations as well as special accommodations for examinations.  These include but are not limited to, a separate room, extra time, use of special equipment such as a laptop, and an amanuensis (reader or scribe).
  • Access to Aids and devices – Students with disabilities and medical conditions have access to aids and devices for use within the classroom or for examination purposes. These items include laptops, digital tape recorders, special software, wheelchairs and walking canes and crutches.
  • Special arrangements for parking accommodation (Disability parking permit) - The Department facilitates the access to disabled parking stickers for students who are in need of use of the vehicle parking areas for persons with disabilities. Applications are submitted to the Security Services for approval and preparation.
  • Assistive Technology Lab and Special Software ( Job Access With Speech - JAWS ) - available on the ground floor at the Main Library
  • Student Support Group - provides a safe and confidential environment where students can share concerns, experiences, social interaction, and get the support of individuals who share similar circumstances, so as to assist them in enjoying their UWI experience. It allows them to interact with other students who may share similar conditions and aids in fostering and early bond with others to ensure their success.
  • Liaison with faculties, departments, deans, heads of departments, and lecturers regarding addressing the special needs of certain students.




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