General Questions:   

  • Where is your department located? 

We are located on the 1st floor of the Lloyd Braithwaite Student Administration Building. Ask for us on the first counter on the left.  

  • Is this one department or different departments? 

We are one department made up of three units that work in tandem with each other. Together we make up The Department of Careers, Co-curricular and Community Engagement or what we call C3.  

  • What does this department do? 

As part of the Division of Student Services and Development we facilitate student learning, development and success but more specifically, as a department we work together with the student towards achieving holistic career development. We strive to develop the model professional through our numerous programs in career development, co-curricular courses and community based involvement.  

Careers & Placement     

  • If a student is in Year 3 but not graduating can they participate in WOW? 

If you have already started the programme you can choose to continue or attend in your graduating year. However, it would be more practical to attend the Recruitment Fair in the year of your graduation as such, if you already attended the mandatory events keep your booklet/card as proof of attendance and fast track to the Recruitment Fair.  

  • What individual career services available? 

Click on the 'Careers and Placement' tile on our page for further details on this. 

  • How to schedule an individual Career Service? 

You can submit a JotForm request via the Careers, Co-curricular & Community Engagement page or reach out to us via our 'Contact Us' tile.  

Semester Employment 

  • Who is eligible for on campus employment? 

All registered full time students of The UWI St. Augustine Campus are eligible for semester employment.  (inclusive of pre-science and pre-health students)   

  • How can students apply? 

The application form is usually sent out by  Marketing & Communications.  

  • What is the rate of payment for student assistants and hours? 

Student assistants are paid an hourly stipend rate. 

Undergraduates- $20 per/hr at a maximum of 12 hours per week. 

Postgraduates- $35 per/hr at a maximum of 20 hours per week. 

  • How are students paid for semester employment? 

Student stipends are sent directly to their personal local bank accounts. 

  • Can students be paid via a parent's account or an account that isn't in their name? 

No. Each student that is employed must have a personal bank account. No payments will be processed to account holders other than that of the student.  

  • How does a student get paid if they do not have a bank account? 

Students are discouraged from applying for semester employment in the absence of a personal bank account. However, on the rare occurrence it will be addressed on a case by case basis.   

Vacation Employment  

  • Who is eligible for vacation employment? 

All registered continuing students of The UWI St. Augustine Campus are eligible for vacation employment.  (inclusive of first, second and third year students but not Final year)   

  • How can students apply? 

The application form is usually sent out by  Marketing & Communications.  

  • How are students paid for vacation employment? 

During the vacation period student payments can be made via cheque or bank transfer however, this can vary for each cycle.  

  • What type of jobs are available?   

There are several opportunities for employment both on and off campus. For more details on this check out our 'Employment Opportunities' tile.  


Co-curricular Programmes: 

  • Who is eligible for Co-curricular credits? 

Co-curricular courses are open to all Undergraduate students. Graduate students can also register once they have been approved by the respective faculty. 

  • Can students who have completed their degree requirements but not officially awarded register for COCR courses? 

No, students graduating in the Semester prior to the current one are not eligible to register for COCR courses but may consider doing any of the Microsoft Office exams as a private individual through the MSIT Academy. 

  • Do Co-curricular courses count towards my GPA? 

No. Co-curricular courses are NOT used in the calculation of your weighted Grade Point Average (GPA). 

  • What if I cannot fit Co-curricular credits into my degree structure? 

Co-curricular credits should normally form part of the required credits for your degree (i.e. they should replace a Level 1 semester course). However, if your degree structure does not allow for this type of substitution, the co-curricular activity will appear on your final transcript. 


Community Engagement & Service Learning: 

  • What is the Community Engagement and Service Learning Unit responsible for?  

This unit provides opportunities for students and staff to participate in various community development activities and projects.   

  • How can I, as a student learn about and get involved in community development activities?  

Students can simply reach out to our unit by contacting us via the following phone number and or e-mail address:  

662-2002 ext 84188  

  • What organizations can students volunteer with? 

We have a wide range of organizations that we have partnered with, suited to the multiple interests that students have. Please see below a list. To learn more about each of these organizations click on our community engagement link:  

Environmental Conservation & Animal Protection:  

  • Abbytopia 

  • Wildlife & Environmental Protection of Trinidad and Tobago 

  • Caribbean Youth and Environment Network in Trinidad and Tobago  

  • Animal Welfare Network 

Youth Outreach & Development:  

  • Good Start Mentors 

  • St. Joseph Youth Police Club 

  • St. Mary’s Children’s Home 

  • Roots Foundation TT 

Education, Culture & the Arts:  

  • Let’s Read 

  • Student Life and Development 

  • Bocca Lit Fest  

  • National Trust of Trinidad and Tobago  

Community Work:  

  • Lion’s Club of Trinidad and Tobago  

  • Freely Give Foundation  

  • Habitat for Humanity  

  • National Crime Prevention Programme  

  • UWI Farm Road Collective 

Health, Wellness, Inclusivity & Empowerment: 

  • Autistic Society of Trinidad and Tobago  

  • Bovell Cancer and Diabetes Foundation  

  • Down Syndrome Family Network 

  • The Rape Crisis Society  



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