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Q. When will I find out about my room assignments?
A. Room confirmations are given from April for semester 1 and November for semester 2, once you have submitted all documents, including a copy of your UWI acceptance and have paid the hall application fee.


Q. How are room assignments made?
A. We do our best to accommodate all requests, however please note the assignment guideline below

Hall assignment for new students is based on applicant first choice. Room assignments are as follows;

Canada Hall:

Single Room based on availability

Freedom Hall:

Undergraduate – Double rooms only based on applicant’s choice of New or Old block and subject to availability


Post Graduate – Option of Single en-suite or 4 Bedroom Apt or Double Room based on applicant choice and availability

Joyce Gibson Inniss Hall:

Single room based on acceptance to FMS (not nursing or optometry) and availability

Sir Arthur Lewis Hall:

Undergraduate – Double, single or single en-suite based on applicant’s choice and availability.


Post Graduate – Studio or One Bedroom Apt or any other room type based on applicant’s choice and availability.


Q. Can I change rooms?
A. Only under extreme conditions and availability of rooms, at the discretion of the Hall Management.


Q. Can I cancel my housing agreement?
A. If you already reside on Hall, agreement may be cancelled with one month’s notice, but a replacement must be found before you can benefit from a Hall refund. Please see your Hall Supervisor for further information.


Q. May I decorate my room?
A. Yes, however if the walls /doors are damaged or disfigured it will be deducted from the Hall Pre-Caution Fee.


Q. How are the rooms furnished?
A. Each room contains a bed, a desk with reading lamp, a chair, a clothes closet, a face basin and bookshelf.


Q. How many students share a bathroom?
A. Approximately 4 – 6 persons share bathroom facilities. Joyce Gibson Inniss Hall Single Room – 3 persons and Sir Arthur Lewis Hall Single en-suite rooms- 2 persons.


Q. Is there a place for me to store my belongings between Semester Breaks?
A. You may leave your belongings in your room during the Christmas Break.  Students are required to vacate their room at the end of the academic year.


Q. When should I arrive?
A. You should arrive by the date indicated on your hall agreement.


Q. Must I be in by a certain time each evening? Can I have visitors?
A. You can come in at any time. Overnight visitors are NOT allowed, and MUST leave your room by midnight. Visitors must also be signed in/out.


Q. Other than rent, are there other housing charges I may be responsible for?
A. Yes, charges for damages and students are responsible for laundry charges and cooking fuel \gas. Any other Hall Activity Fees E.g. (Co-Curricular).


Q. Are Hall Orientation activities mandatory?
A. No.


Q. What do I need to bring?
A. Bed linen, towels, crockery/cutlery, personal items/toiletries, fan.


Q. What requirements are necessary for the receipt of room keys?
A. All residents are required to show
(a) proof of pre-cautionary payment (via an official letter of intent or a bank receipt) 
(b) complete Hall of Residence Agreement provided by the Student Accommodation office.


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