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Hall of Residence Contact

Canada Hall

Ms. Georgia Alexander – Residence Manager

Mrs. Roxanne Bartholomew – Hall Supervisor

Mr. Kwesi Wickham – Hall Office Assistant

Tel.: 1-868-662-2002

Fax No.: 1-868-663-9684

Exts. 84286, 82498, 82497 or 868-663-8812

Email: Canadahalladmin@sta.uwi.edu


Freedom Hall

Prof Edwin Ekwue  – Residence Manager

Mrs. Lisa Ann Robinson-Nelson - Hall Supervisor

Ms. Khadija Cokes – Hall Clerical

Tel.: 1-868-662-2002

Fax: 868-663-7670

Exts. 84006, 82479

Email: MilnerHallRA@sta.uwi.edu


Joyce Gibson Inniss Hall

Dr. Chandrashekhar Unakal - Residence Manager

Mrs. Heather Badenock-Legall - Hall Supervisor

Ms. Stacy St. Hill – Hall Clerical

Tel.: 1-868-645-3471

Fax. 868-663-5175

Email: jinnisshall@yahoo.com


Sir Arthur Lewis Hall

Mr. Kevin Snaggs – Residence Manager

Ms. Olivia Ramkissoon – Acting Hall Supervisor

Ms. Shantal Nelson – Hall Clerical

Tel.: 1-868-663-0075, 1-868-662-9501

Fax. 868-663-8407

Email: arthurlewishall@sta.uwi.edu









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