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Hardship grants are provided to students to assist with living expenses and tuition fees, in situations where the student is experiencing difficulty in accessing financial resources and due to unavoidable delays in receiving funds from guaranteed sources. This grant is also made available to students who have faced major crisis e.g. fire, flooding and serious illness, which impact on their ability to sustain themselves. The amount made available to students is based on need, the type of circumstances facing the student, and the availability of funds. 

This grant is made available to all levels of students in need of financial assistance on the recommendation of the Manager of the Financial Advisory Services department, through the Director of the Division of Student Services and Development to the Deputy Principal.

Terms and Conditions 

  1. All registered UWI St. Augustine Campus students are eligible 
  2. Students must complete the Application for Hardship grant form 
  3. Students who request funding must provide evidence of need. 
  4. Students will be interviewed as a part of the selection process 
  5. Applicants must attach a scanned copy of: National ID and Student ID and any of the following relevant supporting documents: 
  • Parent/Guardian/Student’s mortgage payment or most recent rent payment receipt  
  • Parent/Guardian/Student’s payslip or job letter/ proof of retrenchment 
  • Letter stating nature of business (for self-employed persons) 
  • Medical documentation (in cases of illness) 
  • Any other relevant document that supports your rationale for applying 

Process for Applying:  

STEP 1: Click on the following link to complete the Application for Hardship Grant.  Please be sure to include a detailed rationale for your application.

STEP 2: Upload the relevant supporting documents (as listed in the eligibility criteria above) into the designated area on online application form.

STEP 3: Upload your bank statement or screenshot of your online banking information into the designated area on the form.

STEP 4: Students will be interviewed via phone or through an online facility, as part of the assessment process.

Disbursement of Funds: 

Due to the COVID-related Campus restrictions funds will be disbursed to successful candidates as follows: 

Local students: funds will be disbursed via direct bank deposit.  For this purpose, your banking information will be required together with a photo or screenshot of the top of your bank statement or online banking facility, showing your bank account information (your balances are not required). If you do not have a local bank account kindly indicate this on the application form and alternative arrangements will be made 

Regional students who have returned to their home country, will receive funds via wire transfer.  Banking wire information is required, including  the bank's swift code and routing number  

Notification of Successful Application 

Students will receive notification of their successful application via e-mail message. 

NOTE: All requests for financial assistance will be subject to standard UWI financial aid processes and each request will be taken on a case-by-case basis, in relation to the Campus’ resources. 




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