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This Department falls under the Division of Student Services and Development. It was started in 2006 as a part of the University’s commitment to providing equal opportunities to all students and was formerly known as Academic Support/Disabilities Liaison Unit (ASDLU). All registered students of the University are free to access any services provided by this department.


The Student Life and Development Department (SLDD) seeks to address the needs for accessibility, equal opportunities and academic success of the diverse populations of the student community at the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine Campus.


In the pursuit of its purpose the SLDD encourages its employees to operate within the following values framework:

  1. Efficiency to ensure that customers receive prompt and resourceful service.
  2. Striving for Excellence to provide a service that is of high quality and standards.
  3. Integrity to ensure that reliability and honesty are at the centre of our work.
  4. Equity ensuring that all clients are treated fairly and justly.
  5. Confidentiality to ensure that all information received is treated with respect and confidence.
  6. Inclusiveness to accept, appreciate and celebrate all students.


  1. To provide Academic Support to all students of the U.W.I. St. Augustine at all levels of their academic career.
  2. To provide and ensure equal access (infrastructure/academic) to all students of the University who enter with or acquire a disability.
  3. To facilitate growth and development of and empower students to reach their maximum potential in their academic achievements.
  4. To be the Centre of Excellence with expertise on issues of student service support.
  5. Conducting of Sensitization and Outreach programmes





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