Opportunities for Engagement  

Opportunities for involvement are varied and involve connections through the department, your faculty or your local community. The UWI Engaging the Community (UWI Etc) programme is designed to encourage students to view their development as "more than just academics."  The University of the West Indies prides itself in the development of well-rounded distinctive graduates, ready, willing and able to give back to their local, regional and global communities of engagement,  activism and influence. 

This engagement takes many forms, and seeks to meet the needs of both our students and stakeholders.  Please review our engagement initiatives and partnered organisations below. 


The UWI EtC showcases all our community engagement activities.   

Below is a list of our partnerships with various NGOs and community-based organizations. If you are a student or a member of staff and would like to become involved with one of these organizations kindly contact  roshanna.ramdass@sta.uwi.edu  . 











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