Department of Geomatics Engineering and Land Management

Postgraduate Degrees

This programme was developed to address the reform of the policies, procedures, statutes and institutions involved in land administration and management throughout the Caribbean. This programme is a response to the need to maintain and strengthen the human resources employed in land administration and land management in key institutions of the state, and private quasi-state sectors.

The Aims and Objectives

The Department aims to:

  1. Provide specialised training in land administration management to key public, quasi-state and private sector professionals.
  2. Enhance the existing process of reform in land administration in the public sector.
  3. To enhance the Department’s capability in offering training in the broader area of land studies and land management in keeping with the Department’s strategic plan.

Entry Requirements

The main condition for entry would be a relevant first degree and relevant industrial experience or maturity and professional experience acceptable to the Faculty. Present entry requirements
for either MSc Planning and Development or MSc Geoinformatics would also be acceptable. The target groups are:

  1. Public officials nominated by sponsoring institution.
  2. Professionals- surveyors, engineers, planners, geographers, agriculturalists, natural and social scientists interested in the area of land administration and management.
  3. Individuals interested in upgrading their skills on a course-by-
    course basis.

Structure of Programme

The programme will be delivered in six (6), short, intensive, instructional periods, each approximately one week of whole day lectures, tutorial demonstrations and lab/field exercises. There will be a full-time, three-week period when students will work on their special projects towards the end of the cycle.

Duration of Study

Twelve (12)months.

Course Listing

Students are required to complete the following courses:

Course Code

Course Title

No. of Credits

LAND 5000

Introduction to Land Administration


LAND 5002

Land Economy & Property Management


LAND 5003

Land Law


LAND 5004

Land Information Management


LAND 5006

Special Projects


LAND 5007

Cadastral Systems


PLAN 6014

Small Island Developing States (SIDS) Resource Management


Assessment and Award of Diploma

With the exception of LAND 5006 Special Project, which shall be assessed as a 100% coursework, all other courses shall be assessed as follows:

  • Final examination: 60%.
  • Assessed assignments: 40%.

Students are required to complete 18 credits of core taught courses and 6 credits of project for a total of 24 credits.
Diplomas shall be awarded upon completion of all courses and the final project.





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