In addition to the Faculty's general admission requirements, the Department of Geomatics Engineering and Land Management requires that all applicants possess at least a C average in Cambridge GCE Advanced Level Mathematics (or a recognized equivalent) and a pass in 1 other relevant A’ Level subject, in order to qualify for admission.

Please note that due to the competitive nature of the application process, fulfilment of these minimum requirements DOES NOT guarantee entry into the department. Unsuitable applicants will not be acknowledged.

For further information please contact the Secretary of Undergraduate Affairs, Ms. Monique Joseph.


Two programmes are designed to enable our graduates to work professionally in the broad fields of Geomatics and Land Management while providing the foundation necessary to specialize further at Masters level or to undertake original research at PhD. The Departmental track record demonstrates that graduates are equipped to fulfill these roles regionally and internationally.

BSc Geomatics

This programme is accredited by the Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors (ICES).

The BSc Geomatics programme aims to provide a comprehensive and detailed knowledge of the theory and methods of land surveying and the management of land information that prepare and enable graduates to work effectively in response to regional, national and international needs.

BSc in Land Management (Valuation)

The Land Management (Valuation) programme aims to provide excellent and expert training, and to graduate valuation surveying professionals who are proficient in the principles and concepts of valuation surveying within the framework of land management, in support of the Caribbean region's socioeconomic and environmental goals and objectives.

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