Outreach Centre

Outreach Centre


Alumni Feedback Form

One of our goals is to keep track of what our alumni have done and are currently doing since graduating from the Faculty of Engineering.  To help us achieve this goal, we would like you to complete our alumni feedback form.

Alumni Skills Upgrade

Our Engineering Institute offers a variety of courses and programmes that will assist you in upgrading your skills.

Faculty Publications

The Faculty publishes The West Indian Journal of Engineering (WIJE). Enjoy access to our free scholarly articles now.

How Can You Contribute?


One of the most tangible ways you can contribute is through your organization’s participation in our Internship Programme.  This programme aids in the professional development of our young engineers and is usually run during the period June to August each year.  Please complete the Employer Evaluation Form (if you are in a position to recruit interns) or have your employers complete the form. A printable version is also available .

Student Seminars

One of the aims of the Outreach Office is to engage the services of the engineering alumni to aid in the professional development of our students.  Successful seminars were already conducted earlier in the year, which were very well received by students.

If you would like to contribute in this regard, and you have the necessary practical experience in areas listed below, please feel free to contact Mrs. Marlene Fletcher-Cockburn at the Outreach Office.

    • Soft Skills
    • Career Development
    • Financial Management
    • Project Management
    • Leadership and teamwork
    • The role and function of an engineer
    • Community Service

If your area of expertise is not listed, still contact the Outreach Office to discuss how you can assist.  Your contributions are invaluable.