Department of Geomatics Engineering and Land Management

Undergraduate Degrees

BSc Degree in Geomatics

Aim of the BSc ProgrammeBScGeomatics1

To provide a comprehensive and detailed    knowledge of the theory and methods of
land surveying and the management of land information, in order to prepare and enable graduates to work effectively in response to regional, national and international needs.





BScGeomatics2Learning Outcomes

  • The intended learning outcomes are that graduates with a first degree in Geomatics will be able to:
    • Explain the principles, theories, tools, and techniques of surveying and land information;
    • Appropriately apply specialised knowledge in land surveying and land information management and other transferable skills appropriate to a wide range of disciplines;
    • Use the skills required to work independently and as a member of a team;
    • Critically examine land surveying and land information management problems and develop solutions within the context of given specifications and standards;
    • Confidently develop and effectively communicate professional opinions on topical issues;
    • Establish a sound basis for lifelong, self-motivated academic and professional studies.

Admission Requirements

In addition to the Faculty’s general admission requirements, the Department of Geomatics Engineering and Land Management requires that all applicants  possess at least a C average in Cambridge GCE Advanced Level Mathematics (or a recognized  equivalent), and a pass in one (1) other relevant A’ level subject, in order to qualify for admission.

Application Procedure

The application process can be completed at:

Core Courses

ENGR 1000 Introduction to Engineering1
ENGR 1001 Information Technology for Engineers
MATH 1180 Engineering Mathematics I
GEOM 1010 Surveying I
GEOM 1011 Surveying Practice
GEOM 1015 Surveying II
GEOM 1020 Photogrammetry
GEOM 1030 Geodesy
GEOM 1040 Statistics for Surveying
GEOM 1045 Communication Skills
GEOM 1050 Surveying Project
MATH 2230 Engineering Mathematics II
GEOM 2010 Fundamentals of GIS
GEOM 2020 Digital Photogrammetry
GEOM 2030 Adjustment Computations
GEOM 2040 Hydrographic Surveying
GEOM 2000 Health and Safety (Seminar)
GEOM 2005 Cartography
GEOM 2025 Remote Sensing
GEOM 2035 Geodetic Surveying
GEOM 2045 Land Law
GEOM 2048 Introduction to Planning
GEOM 2050 Mapping Project
GEOM 2060 Cartography
IENG 3016 Applied Project Management
GEOM 3010 Cadastral Systems
GEOM 3030 Global Navigation Satellite Systems
GEOM 3040 Integrated Surveying Design Project
GEOM 3015 Professional Practice
GEOM 3025 Engineering Surveying
GEOM 3050 Special Investigative Project

Elective Courses

Candidates in Level 3 are expected to gain 9 credits of elective courses from the list below, or other courses subject to the approval of the Head of Department.

AGSL 3004 Integrated Watershed Management3
GEOM 3020 Professional Internship
GEOM 3035 Hydrography
LMGV 3004 Valuation Methods
MATH 3530 Mathematics III
ENGR 3001 Natural Hazards & Disaster
Management in the Caribbean
AGSL 3002 Soil Survey and Land Evaluation
IENG 3009 Industrial Database Systems & Design
LMGV 2002 Valuation Methods II
LMGV 3002 Estate and Land Management
LMGV 3003 Land Economy


Career Opportunities

Graduates enjoy employment in private practices, housing associations, construction and property management firms, real estate agencies, as well as in the public sector.