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PhD in Human Ecology

Areas of specialization for the degree are:

  • Nutritional Sciences
  • Family and consumer Sciences
  • Food Service Management

Entry Requirements

For direct admission to the PhD programme, candidates should have successfully completed the MPhil Degree in Human Sciences, Family and Consumer Sciences or Human Nutrition and Dietetics, OR an MSc degree in Human Ecology Family and Consumer Sciences or Human Nutrition and Dietetics or a related discipline from an approved university and which should have included the writing of a substantial thesis, or an M.Sc. degree with distinction in a relevant discipline.

All other candidates with degrees in Human Ecology, Family and Consumer Sciences or Human Nutrition and Dietetics will be required to register for the MPhil degree in Human Ecology and seek an upgrade to the PhD degree in accordance with University Regulations.

Applicants who do not qualify for entry as specified in (1) and (2) above may be required to do a qualifying year consisting of supplementary courses in the area of specialization to a minimum of 18 credits.

Course of Study

Candidates are normally expected to complete the following courses:

Course Code

Course Title


AGRI 6620



AGBU 6301

Research Methodology


GRSM 8001

Graduate Research Seminar I


GRSM 8002

Graduate Research Seminar II


GRSM 8003

Graduate Research Seminar III



Twelve (12) additional credits from courses relevant to the student’s area of specialization from the following list:

Course Code

Course Title


HUEC 5000

Advanced Foodservice Systems Management


HUEC 5020

Advanced Clinical Nutrition


HUEC 5040

Advanced Community Nutrition


AGBU 6103

Principles of Rural Sociology


AGBU 6002

International Trade and Marketing


AGBU 6201

Agricultural Marketing


AGBU 6202

Agribusiness Management


FOSQ 6001

Agri-Food Safety




The candidate must complete the PhD thesis (HUEC 8000) of the Faculty of Food and Agriculture and successfully defend his/her thesis at a public oral examination.

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