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Located on the ground floor of the Dudley Huggins Building, the Food Preparation Lab/Kitchen engages students with a wide range of practical exercises to learn the fundamentals and principles of food preparation, from the recipe to the table and from the raw ingredients to the final product. The culinary courses conducted in the lab are HUEC 3020 (Development of Caribbean Cuisine and HUEC 1004 (Introduction to Foods and Meals Management). This laboratory is equipped to comfortably accommodate twenty-five students to enable the preparation and processing of these various foods.

Equipment available in the laboratory:

Standing Freezer
Electrical  Stove/oven
Gas Stove/Oven
Food Dehydrators
Dough mixer



The Textiles lab is equipped with the essential equipment and tools required for garment construction. HUEC 1006 (Basic Apparel Construction), HUEC 1007 (Introduction to Textiles), HUEC 3000 (Flat Pattern Development and HUEC 3011 (Advanced Textiles) are all conducted in this laboratory. Here is where students taught in practical fabrication of clothing and garment. This lab is located on the first floor of the Dudley Huggins Building.


(Room 19- Dudley Huggins Building)

The Computer Lab at Dudley Huggins building is a sister lab to FFA’s larger computer lab at the Frank Stockdale Building. This lab was constructed to accommodate mainly students pursuing courses under our department. It is available for drop-in student use during open hours unless a scheduled class is in session. Provided that our department offers a wide range of courses, instructors can request specific software for course use. Therefore, an extensive software library is maintained at the lab. For example, the course HUEC 3017 - Computer Aided Pattern Development requires a specialized software called Gerber Scientific which is only available at our lab on campus. Access to printing, multimedia and a whiteboard for classroom sessions are also available.

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