The food service industry is growing in this region and persons need a wider variety of food choices – prepared and served differently. The Major in Foods and Food Service Systems Management prepares you to work in this industry; not satisfied with this, then consider the huge amount of top named fast food and gourmet food service providers across the region. The all require managers at different levels who have the zeal, flair and competence to create novel foods, organize staff to deliver quality service and help create a new Caribbean cuisine. Your name could be on that next new food product making waves across the region.

If you see yourself as a top food service manager or entrepreneur, then this course of study is for you.

Studies in Foodservice Management can lead to these exciting Career Opportunities

• Food Equipment Designer/Engineer
• Food Production Manager
• Restaurant/Banquet Manager
• Kitchen Supervisor
• Food Service Director

• Dining Room Administrator
• Food Supplier/Wholesaler
• Food Advertising Specialist
• Food Scientist
• Grocery Store Manager
• Food Tehcnlogist
• Health Inspector
• Consumer Safety Inspector
• Food Inspector
• Caterer
• Food Demonstrator
• Restaurant Hostess/Host
• Food Photojournalist

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