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Careers in Geography

Geography is an important discipline for the Caribbean and the world in the 21st century. The interconnected nature of Geography makes it uniquely positioned to contribute to society by providing a balanced discourse and helping to guide important policy decisions that need to be made over the coming century.

Career possibilities for a Geographer run the gamut and span the globe, ranging from examining environmental field samples, earth’s natural processes, and satellite maps to analyzing intensifications in climate change, issues of social justice, and notions of development... Geographers have options!

A partial list of potential careers and fields for a budding geographer thus includes:

  • Natural Hazards and Emergencies Analyst
  • Conservation and Preservation Specialist
  • Parks, Wildlife, and Forestry manager
  • Environmental, Climate Change, or Water Quality Tester
  • Commercial/ Residential/ Land Use Surveyor
  • Demographer
  • Public Health Officer
  • Tour Guide
  • Historic Preservationist
  • Real Estate Appraiser / Marketing Analyst
  • GIS specialist / Digital Mapper / Cartographer
  • Remote Sensing Technician / Sensor/Radar analyst
  • Urban Planner / Transportation Manager
  • Community Organizer
  • Public Service Worker
  • Environmental Impact Assessor
  • International Development Consultant / Diplomacy Officer
  • Primary/Secondary School Teacher or Youth Program Coordinator
  • Not-for-Profit or Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Manager
  • Grant Writer or Travel/Environmental/Political Journalist
  • International Aid Advocate or Human Rights Campaigner
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