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The UWI STA Geography Department is a leader in the field of Geographical Education, providing undergraduate programmes of the highest quality in the region. These programmes emphasize the provision of knowledge, while providing valuable hands- on experience to our valued students. Our programmes have been developed in keeping with the standards set for the teaching of Geography by The Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (UK), particularly with respect to benchmarking learning outcomes, level of knowledge and understanding, student skills, and methods of assessment.

Certificate Programmes

Degree Programmes

BSc Majors

BSc Minors

This programme provides high quality research training in multi-disciplinary geographical research methods, to facilitate candidates to conduct research in areas of regional importance and international significance, and to produce graduates capable of developing and leading their own research projects, either in academia or industry. The programme allows for study in areas of Geography staff interests and expertise. The MPhil/PhD programme aims to improve the research potential of both the individual candidate and that of the Department. Candidates admitted to the MPhil/PhD programme in Geography will join a rapidly expanding and dynamic, interdisciplinary research community. The programme is used in the investigation of regional problems of geographic nature to the benefit of the region.

Master of Philosophy Programmes & Doctoral Degree Programmes

GEOG 0101
GEOG 0102
GEOG 0103
GEOG 0104
GEOG 0201
GEOG 0202
GEOG 0203
GEOG 0204
GEOG 1131
GEOG 1132
GEOG 1231
GEOG 2010
GEOG 2011
GEOG 2013
GEOG 2014
GEOG 2015
GEOG 2016
GEOG 2017
GEOG 2018
GEOG 2019
GEOG 2060
GEOG 3105
GEOG 3107
GEOG 3110
GEOG 3113
GEOG 3114
GEOG 3115
GEOG 3116
GEOG 3117
GEOG 3120
GEOG 3305
GEOG 3501
GEOG 3502
AGBU 2000
AGBU 2003
AGBU 3003
AGEX 2003
AGEX 3004
AGRI 2003
AGRI 2100
AGSL 1001
AGSL 2101
AGSL 3015
ENRM 1001
ENRM 1002
ENRM 1004
ENRM 2000
ENRM 2001
ENRM 2002
ENRM 2003
ENRM 2004
ENRM 3000
ENRM 3001
ENRM 3002
ENRM 3003
HORT 2001
HUEC 2009
HUEC 3010
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