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Society, turtles and environmental change in Grande Riviere Bay - towards sustainable management of a vulnerable community.

Key Researchers: 
Dr Junior Darsan (Principal Investigator), Dr Matthew Wilson, Dr Kegan Farrick, Dr Priya Kissoon, Dr Keith Miller (Geomatics), Dr Vincent Cooper (Civil Engineering) and Dr Asha Singh.

This project examines interrelationships between terrestrial, fluvial and coastal systems which affect the beach habitat of the endangered leatherback turtle. The aim of this study is to assess and analyze changes in coastal dynamics linked to climate change, which influence the nesting habitat of the leatherback turtle, through an integration of the hydrologic, hydraulic, hydrographic and socio-economic components of the Grande Riviere watershed and bay area. This approach will account for the significant changes in the beach dynamics and enable mitigation measures to be investigated that will facilitate a sustainable environment for the nesting grounds of the leatherback turtle while maintaining livelihoods for inhabitants of the area. Results disseminated through the Caribbean Disaster Risk Atlas (CDRA) will increase the awareness of the issues related to the Grande Riviere environment and climate change in coastal communities in the Caribbean region.

Funding: UWI-Trinidad & Tobago Research and Development Impact Fund (RDI Fund)

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