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Why Choose Geography?

The discipline of Geography has never been more relevant than it is today. Geographers engage the earth at varying sites, situations, contexts, and locations in order the understand, explain, solve, and even assist in preventing many of the world’s most urgent and complex environmental and social problems.

Geography as an area of study is thereby concerned with relevance, foresight, and solutions, and looks at both history and the present to generate them. Given that geographers conduct fieldwork to grapple with the connections and relationships that exist between the physical and human, ecological and cultural, and technological and political realms of the world, learning within the discipline has become an applied and holistic endeavor. More pointedly, Geography instills students with the ability to comprehend and critically analyze the broad and ever-changing systems, structures, and processes of the planet, whilst also allowing them to focus on and actively experience the topics that they are most interested in.

An education in Geography is thus made distinct by both its breadth and depth, in addition to its dynamism. Regardless of the issues they pursue, ranging from development and migration to climate and geomorphology or from planning and mapping to culture and power, geographers end up moving through life with some of the most well-rounded, panoramic, and critical, not to mention sophisticated, technical, and creative, skillsets and perspectives that a person can have. In sum, to be a geographer is to be a jack of all trades, and a specialist of some.

What a geographer ultimately ends up with expertise in, then, is a product of following their convictions, curiosities, and passions. The Department of Geography here at the UWI-St. Augustine welcomes anyone who feels inspired to do just that. 

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