Communication Studies Staff Publications

SteeleSteele Health Comm


Cultural Studies Staff Publications

Aiyejina Gibbons BBB2BBB3 BBBPreserving   Obeah and Other Powers  Phenomenology's Material Presence


Literatures in English Staff Publications

Morgan Lalla

Analysis and Criticism

  Interlocking Basins of a Globe: Essays on Derek Walcott   The Child and the Caribbean Imagination     Critical Studies     Jackson  Aiyeina MorganLalla  Lalla  Rahim Lalla 2 Language in Exile Voices in Exile  Rohlehr Pathfinder  Rohlehr Strangled  Rohlehr Shape  Rohlehr  Rohlehr Ancestories Beyond Borders  Morgan Youssef  Regis Maestro   Regis 2 Regis The West Indian Novel Muslim Indian Women Writing in English Derek Walcott's Love Affair with Film 


Creative Writing

Aiyejina Letters   Aiyejina Supreme  Rahim  Rahim 2 Redemption Rahim Students

Prose (Short Stories and Novels and their Translations)

Aiyejina 1 Aiyejina CrickCrack Hodge Crick French

Hodge Crick Crack Dutch     Hodge Laetitia English    Hodge Laetitia French   Hodge Laetitia Italian

Hodge Laetitia German  Arch of Fire  Lalla German  Cascade

Rahim Songster   Foreday Morning Best West Indian Stories


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