(Note: Unless otherwise noted, all postgraduate courses are worth 4 credits each.)

The MFA is a two-year (full-time) or four-year (part-time) programme designed to combine regular writing workshops, courses in the craft of writing, graduate-level theoretical/critical
courses, and one-on-one consultations with established writers and critics. The programme articulates closely with the Artist/Writer-in-Residence programme.

The first year involves weekly workshops, public readings, graduate-level theoretical and critical literary courses and seminars (a number of qualifying undergraduate courses may be mandatory for students with no background in literary studies), and the production of an initial outline of the final project to be undertaken in the subsequent year(s). After taught courses are completed, students are required to concentrate on the production of their thesis manuscript (LITS 6006) under the close supervision of the Creative Writing unit of the Department. Each student will be required to give a creative writing seminar, when they will read from their work-in-progress and field questions before the submission of their final thesis manuscript.

carolynharnanan sharonsyriac rhodabharath

Recent MFA Graduates: Carolyn Harnanan (2006), Sharon Syriac (2007) and Rhoda Bharath (2008)

Admission Requirements
Admission shall normally be based on manuscripts submitted by applicants (to be assessed by Creative Writing personnel). In the exceptional cases of individuals with excellent published
creative works, the requirement of a first degree may be waived although a number of qualifying courses may be required.

Assessment is based on performance in taught graduate courses that may be recommended by the department; creative writing seminars; workshop presentations and participation; and the final thesis manuscript (LITS 6006). The candidate will be required to take an oral examination on his/her final manuscript.

Semester I
LITS 6005 The Writer and Society/The Writer's Workshop (8 credits)
LITS 6690 Methods of Research and Literary Scholarship

Semester II
LITS 6005 The Writer and Society/The Writer's Workshop (8 credits)

CLTR 6000 Theory and Conceptualisation of Culture
CLTR 6010 Debates in Caribbean Cultural Identity

Any Semester II Postgraduate Course