Current Coordinator: Dr Ben Braithwaite

This Programme addresses the critical shortage of trained interpreters for Deaf communities in the Caribbean. Upon completing this programme successful persons will be:

• fluent in Sign Language
• qualified to assist the Deaf in communicating with hearing persons who are not users of Sign Language, specifically in the public service.

The programme focuses on the usage of the sign language variety commonly used within the territory of the campus. Thus, within the context of Trinidad & Tobago, that would be Trinidad & Tobago Sign Language (TTSL), within the Jamaican context, Jamaican Sign Language (JSL), et cetera. Since most Caribbean Sign Languages are mutually intelligible, a student can do this programme at a campus which is not located in his home territory and still function well when he returns to his country.

Candidates in this Programme are required to complete 6 credits at Level I, 15 credits at Level II and 9 credits at Level III. They are:

Level I

LING 1002 Introduction to Morphology and Syntax (Semester 1) or LING 1006 Introduction to Linguistic Analysis
LING 1005 Introduction to Language (Semester 1)

Level II

LING 2204 Deaf Language and Culture (Semester 1)
LING 2819 Structure and Usage of Caribbean Sign Language I (Semester 1)
EDLA 3113 Structure of Creole OR LING 2801 Structure and Usage of French-Lexicon Creole (Patois)
LING 2820 Structure and Usage of Caribbean Sign Language II (Semester 2)
LING 2920 Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Translation (Semester 1)

Level III

LING 3909 The Profession of Interpreting (Semester 2)
LING 3910 The Practice of Sign Language Interpreting (Semester 3)
LING 3819 Advanced Caribbean Sign Language (Semester 2)

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