This programme targets persons interested in a career in the teaching English to non-native speakers and who have not had appropriate training for that purpose.

Upon successful completion, a student with an overall grade of a B+ or above may proceed to the Master of Arts in TESOL. Persons admitted on this basis may complete the requirements in a minimum of one year.

To be admitted for the Postgraduate TESOL Diploma, candidates must hold a Bachelor’s Honours degree from an approved university, with some undergraduate Linguistics. Students without any previous Linguistics credits, however, should take LING 1001 Introduction to Phonetics and Phonology, LING 1002 Introduction to Morphology and Syntax and LING 1005 Introduction to Language as qualifying Courses.

Candidates complete one academic year of theoretical courses (see below) and one teaching practicum. The Postgraduate TESOL Diploma is one year. A successful candidate must achieve at least 50% in all courses including the research paper; a candidate achieving over 70% in the same will be awarded the Diploma with distinction.

Dip TESOL courses are as follows:

Semester 1
LING 5101 Language Acquisition and Learning: Theory and Practice
LING 5102 Structure of the English Language: Issues for TESOL
LING 6105 Principles and Approaches in TESOL

Semester 2
LING 5103 Curriculum Design and Resources in TESOL
LING 5106 Principles of Assessment and Evaluation in TESOL

Semester 3
LING 5104 Teaching Practicum

The TESOL brochure (PDF) is available here.

Professional Development Courses for Teachers of English as a Foreign Language

Professional Development Courses for teachers of English as a Foreign Language are open to individual application and group request. These courses address the broad area of Methods in TESOL (The Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages) and may be combined with English Language classes if those involved wish to upgrade their skills in that area. There are two courses as follows:

Teaching English as a Foreign Language A: An Introduction to Methodology, Lesson Planning & Classroom Management.

Participants: Designed for teachers who are new to the profession, or have some experience but no formal training and would welcome guidance in teaching at secondary or tertiary levels.

Teaching English as a Foreign Language B: Practical & Innovative Approaches to TEFL

Participants: Designed for teachers working at secondary level or above, who are seeking practical and innovative ideas for improving their classroom practice, as well as updating their knowledge of resources. Groups of participants may negotiate their syllabus (core content) choosing desired elements from Course A and Course B, or request a specific input of particular interest or importance to them.