Programa de Asistente de Idiomas en Colombia



Programme Details

  • Agreement between the ICETEX (Instituto Colombiano de Crédito Educativo y Estudios Técnicos en el Exterior), and The UWI, St. Augustine campus.
  • Work Abroad Programme that gives UWI graduates the opportunity to travel to Colombia, where they will work as English Language Assistants.
  • For more information, visit:

Programme Length: One (1) academic year


Programme Requirements

  • Students must be in their third and final year of studies at The UWI or graduates of The UWI.
  • Interested students must have finished with their courses by June of the year of their application, as well as be ready to graduate in October.
  • Students with pending courses, as well as those attending Mid-Year/Summer School, are not eligible.

Application Process

  • Students and graduates must submit the following documents in PDF format:
  1. Curriculum Vitae in Spanish and English,
  2. Carta de motivación,
  3. Three references - academic, work, and personal, and
  4. 4) Unofficial transcript.
  • Students submit their documents to the myeLearning page: Spanish Study Abroad: International Cooperation Programme. Graduates submit theirs to:
  • Students and graduates present themselves for an interview.
  • Once completed, the applicants are graded and placed in order of performance. The list is then sent to The ICETEX.
  • The ICETEX chooses who will participate in the programme, as well as what institution they will be sent to.


For more information, contact:

The Programme Coordinator: Paola Palma