LING 6402 World Englishes

Pre-requisites: LING 1001, LING 1002, LING 2101, LING 2302 and LING 2402

At this time of globalisation, English has become the dominant international language throughout the world. There are diverse varieties of it spoken world-wide. Further, variation within even standard varieties of English, require study in the light of actual language usage. What constitute the features which make these varieties as ‘standard’ and/or ‘internationally acceptable’? What are the features which mark these varieties off as different from each other, e.g., British English from South African English, Indian English from Caribbean English? It is only through answering these kinds of questions that we can truly come to grip with the range and scope of English today.

Method of Instruction: 3 weekly seminar hours
Assessment: 100% in-course assessment (1 short Research Paper: Comparative analysis of 2 varieties, using some original data (5,000 words) - 40% and 2 in-course assessments 60%)

Basic Reading List

Jenkins, Jennifer. World Englishes: A Resource Book for Students. London: Routledge, 2003.

Melchers, Gunnel and Philip Shaw. World Englishes: An Introduction. London: Arnold, 2003.

More Information

This course is part of the MA in English Language and the MA in TESOL , and is normally offered in Semester 2.