LING 6406 The Pronunciation and Spelling of English

Pre-requisites:LING 2402

The interface between pronunciation, inclusive of regional and social class accent, and spelling, requires study, as do the range of intervening factors such as etymology and morphology. There is need for persons involved professionally with English to have a scientific understanding of the principles underpinning phonological systems across dialects of English, the spelling system of English, and the factors which affect the relationship between pronunciation and orthography. The course will examine the phonological features of the major accents of English (working from both actual spoken language data as well as data derived from written sources) and Identify and explore the principles underpinning the spelling conventions of English (based on actual spelling usage within texts written in English within international corpora of English).

Method of Instruction: 3 weekly seminar hours
Assessment: 100% in-course assessment (4 practical in-course analytical exercises on features of the pronunciation and spelling of English - 15% each. and 1 Research Paper - 40%)

Basic Reading List

Cook, Vivian. The English Writing System. London: Arnold, 2004.

Roach, Peter. English Phonetics and Phonology: A Practical Course. 3d ed. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2001.

More Information

This course is part of the MA in English Language and the MA in TESOL, and is normally offered in Semester 2.


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