Coordinator: Dr Kathy-Ann Drayton

There will be no intake of new students to the MA SLP in the 2018/2019 academic year.

The Master's in Speech-Language Pathology (SLP) is a professional training programme aimed at equipping fully functional speech-language pathologists. It aims to train a sufficient number of persons to serve Trinidad & Tobago, and ultimately the English-official ("Anglophone") Caribbean, to support the 12-20% of our populations who are afflicted by speech, language and learning disabilities.

The programme further develops the essential linkages between the University and the wider community. There is also intensive inter-campus consultation and collaboration.

The main objectives of the Master's are:

1. To provide professional training for speech-language pathologists, encompassing both theoretical knowledge and practical skills essential to the field;
2. To service the Caribbean region with an intellectual and professional capacity in this arena;
3. To educate the public as to support which can be provided to persons with speech, language and learning disabilities;
4. To provide screening for the entire school age population;
5. To provide assessment and follow-up services for same;
6. To provide rehabilitation for aphasic persons throughout the region;
7. To provide support in the neo-natal facilities where swallowing disorders threaten infants at birth.

Students entering the programme should normally be graduates of an undergraduate or Certificate programme in Speech and Language Science or a closely related field.

Students would normally be expected to have a CAPE or A' Level qualification in Biology.

Applicants who are graduates of other disciplines who do not hold a Minor in Speech-Language Pathology will be asked to take the Certificate in Speech-Language Pathology to complete the pre-requisite courses necessary for entering the programme.

Some of the courses on offer include:

LING 6804 Language Acquisition in Creole Contexts
LING 6808 Researching Caribbean Language Structure

SPLP 6001 Clinical Practicum I
SPLP 6002 Clinical Practicum II
SPLP 6003 Clinical Practicum III
SPLP 6004 Clinical Practicum IV

SPLP 6005 Diagnostic Methods in Speech-Language Pathology

SPLP 6006 Neurological Bases of Communication Disorders
SPLP 6007 Research Methods in SLP
SPLP 6008 Autism Spectrum Disorders
SPLP 6009 Fluency Disorders
SPLP 6010 Aphasia and Related Disorders
SPLP 6011 Augmentative and Alternative Communication
SPLP 6012 Aural Rehabilitation
SPLP 6013 Voice and Resonance Disorders
SPLP 6014 Neurogenic Speech Disorders
SPLP 6015 Dysphagia
SPLP 6016 Articulation and Phonological Disorders
SPLP 6017 Language Disorders in Children

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