Admission to the PhD programme is based on the possession of an MPhil degree or equivalent (e.g., a research-based Master's degree in Linguistics). Full-time candidates without an MPhil are required to complete two reading fields in their first year.

Acceptance to the programme is determined, in part, by staff deployment and availability.

Students will be expected to show an awareness of major issues and findings in their particular field. Candidates must display a comprehensive grasp of the literature relevant to the field. In particular, students will be expected to be familiar with the most recent positions in the field and to provide links to earlier positions in the field.

Full-time candidates who already have the MPhil or are upgrading are required to complete only one further reading field. Candidates are expected to present and defend a thesis proposal of acceptable scope and quality for the PhD. At least two further years of research and study must be accompanied by periodic seminar presentations and must culminate in completion of a thesis of 80,000 words. Part-time candidates have twice as long to complete their work.

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