Congratulations to our Prize Winners!


Level I

The Moacyr Scliar Prize (formerly known as the Machado de Assis Prize) for Best Level I Portuguese Language Student (PORT 1001 and PORT 1002)
(Sponsor: Embassy of the Federative Republic of Brazil)

2017-2018: Thalia S. VIDALE

2016-2017: Cherise J. KING

2015-2016: Shane S. PRINCE

2014-2015: Rhia C. MAHABIR

2013-2014: Shanice S. HARRIGIN and Khadesha A. LA TOUCHE

2012-2013: Varsha CHOTOO

2011-2012: Maria SALAZAR

2010-2011: Janine R. LUTCHMAN

2009-2010: Vinita A. MANOO

2008-2009: Rachel WELLS

2007-2008: Ricardo N. GONZALES

2004-2005: Erlene KOWLESSAR


Moacyr Scliar was born in 1937 in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul with Jewish Bessarabian roots (Bessarabia is mostly in modern Moldova). He was a prolific writer and author of over 100 books of a variety of literary genres, including short stories, novels, young adult fiction, children's books and essays.


Level II

The Clarice Lispector Prize for Best Level II Portuguese Language Student (PORT 2001 and PORT 2002)
(Sponsor: Embassy of the Federative Republic of Brazil)

2017-2018: Ariel V. BARTHOLOMEW

2016-2017: Shane S. PRINCE

2015-2016: Sophia LEPS

2014-2015: Ria T. THOMAS

2013-2014: Indira C. NOWBUT
2012-2013: Carissa A. MARTINEZ

2011-2012: Janine R. LUTCHMAN

2010-2011: Vinita A. MANOO

2009-2010: Biana D. MEZA-SINGH

2008-2009: Schezelle FLEMING

2007-2008: Jamie S. DAVIS

Clarice LISPECTOR was born in 1920 in the Ukraine. She was a writer acclaimed internationally for her innovative novels and short stories; she was also a journalist and a translator. She is the subject of numerous books, and references to her and her work are common in Brazilian literature and music.

Clarice Lispector

Level III

The João Guimarães Rosa Prize for Best Level III Portuguese Language Student (PORT 3001 and PORT 3002)
(Sponsor: Embassy of the Federative Republic of Brazil)


2016-2017: Atarah C.ALFRED

2015-2016: Ria T. THOMAS
2014-2015: Varsha CHOTOO

2013-2014: Janine R. LUTCHMAN

2012-2013: Courses not offered

2011-2012: Karice A. KING

2010-2011: Ricardo N. GONZALES

2009-2010: Jabari P. FRASER

2008-2009: Orissa NATHANIEL

2007-2008: Jonathan DE MATAS

2004-2005: Ricardo Antonio CHACÍN

João GUIMARÃES ROSA, born in 1908 in Minas Gerais, was a Brazilian novelist, considered by many to be one of the greatest Brazilian novelists born in the 20th century. His best known work is the novel Grande Sertão: Veredas(translated as The Devil to Pay in the Backlands). Some people consider this work to be the Brazilian equivalent of Ulysses.

Guimaraes Rosa

The Câmara Cascudo Prize for Brazilian Culture (PORT 1003 and PORT 2003)
(Sponsor: Embassy of the Federative Republic of Brazil)

(Not awarded in 2017-2018)

2016-2017: Marlon DE BIQUE

2015-2016: Sophia LEPS

2014-2015: Shastri JAGROO and Bertisha PACHECO

2013-2014: Indira C. NOWBUT

Luís da CÂMARA CASCUDO was born in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, in northeastern Brazil in 1898. He was an anthropologist, folklorist, journalist, historian, lawyer and lexicographer. He dedicated himself to the study and teaching of Brazilian culture, and lived his entire life in Natal.



Joaquim Maria MACHADO DE ASSIS was born in 1839 in Rio de Janeiro. He is considered the greatest Brazilian writer of all time, and one of the world's greatest novelists and short story writers. He was also included on American literary critic Harold Bloom's list of the greatest 100 geniuses of literature, alongside writers such as Dante, Shakespeare and Cervantes.

Machado de Assis