Why Study Abroad?


UWIToday article by Balinda Ramlochan, one of our Spanish students (Minor in Spanish) who went to Colombia on the ICETEX programme. Click on the image for more.

“It is said that if you seek understanding, first seek to understand. Sometimes a change in environment is all you need to change your perspective – and study abroad is the perfect opportunity to do that. Long-held beliefs can change in an instant, you gain life-long friends and you gain new insights on both your country and the country in which you are a temporary resident.”

  • Megan Nurse, Participant. Immersion Programme- Universidad Javeriana, Cali (Summer 2008), English Assistantship Programme in France (2009-2010), and Programa de Asistencia en Colombia- ICETEX

“Participating in the exchange programme allowed me to not only advance academically, but it provided me with the opportunity to meet new people, become part of a new culture and to go on an adventure that was definitely worth the effort. It was an eye opening experience that changed my view of the world. I would do it again if I had the opportunity, and I definitely recommend that students make the best of it if they have the chance to do so.”

  • Carissa Martinez, Participant. Immersion Programme- Universidad Nacional, Bogotá (Summer 2010), and Programa de Intercambio: Asistente de Lenguas, Universidad Pedagógica Nacional/ University of the West Indies, St. Augustine (2011-2012)

“I cannot recommend the Study Abroad Programme enough. At the risk of sounding like a cliché, there is no more effective way to learn a language than to be immersed in the country in which it is spoken.”

  • Tevin Gall, Participant. Study Abroad Programme- Université Michel de Montaigne (Bordeaux III) (2011-2012), and English Assistantship Programme in France (2013-2014)  


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