The aims of The Writing Centre are:

  1. to enhance the critical thinking and written expression skills of students and staff of the University of the West Indies;
  2. to meet the standards of formal academic expression – precision, clarity, conciseness, correctness, and elegance;
  3. to develop students’ ability to plan, organise, write and revise academic papers;
  4. to help students discover the strengths and challenges they face as writers;
  5. to increase students’ confidence in writing;
  6. to engage faculty from all disciplines on campus in a dialogue about teaching writing so as to gradually shift classroom practices from purely content-based instruction towards content /rhetoric–based instruction;
  7. to sensitise the academic community about the benefits of Writing Across the
    Curriculum (WAC) programmes, and
  8. to contribute to higher standards of writing, and of academic achievement, in all faculties of The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine.


A. Under the guidance of Specialist Writing Coaches at The Writing Centre, clients will be able to work through all stages of the writing process to:

  1. select the most appropriate mode of writing for specific purposes, contexts and audiences;
  2. brainstorm and get started on written assignments;
  3. organise the rough draft of an academic paper;
  4. edit and revise the academic paper;
  5. locate and correct errors in grammar, punctuation and word choice;
  6. avoid plagiarism, and
  7. use acceptable international conventions for formatting, referencing and documentation in academic writing.

B. Using human and material resources accessed, and provided by, The Writing Centre, faculty will be encouraged to:

  1. incorporate peer review and extensive revision in the instructional process as critical dimensions of Writing Across the Curriculum, and
  2. give students the opportunity to process and own content by assessing them at various stages along a continuum of low-stakes to high-stakes writing.