The Writing Centre

Policies and Procedures

Consultations at The Writing Centre are conducted on a one-on-one basis and are thirty (30) minutes per session.

  1. Students are required to make appointments in advance via myeLearning to see a Specialist Writing Coach.
  2. Appointments are made via the myeLearning link in the right hand column. Remember to scroll down to "Student Enrolment" and click "Enrol Me" to enter and book appointments.
  3. If myeLearning is not accesible to staff, they can book appointments by e-mailing
  4. Clients are expected to keep appointments. If a client is unable to keep an appointment due to unforeseen circumstances, s/he must cancel or re-schedule the appointment before the scheduled time via e-mail. Missing two scheduled appointments in one semester, without a satisfactory explanation, results in losing the privilege of seeking guidance from a Specialist Writing Coach at The Writing Centre for a stipulated period.
  5. Clients are expected to be punctual. If a client is 15+ minutes late for his/her
    appointment at The Writing Centre, the remainder of that time slot may be used by another who may require assistance.
  6. Clients must be present to have their papers discussed.
  7. Each client can only sign up for one session per week.
  8. For maximum benefit, students are to bring to The Writing Centre as many of the following that they have: assignment sheet, content material, and drafts, outlines or rough notes relating to any stage of the writing process.
  9. If a course lecturer or tutor believes that a student would benefit from the guidance offered at the Writing Centre, The Writing Centre Referral Form are available for the former’s completion and submission to the Writing Centre.


Thara side
The Writing Centre Lab

The Writing Center Lab on the other hand is a first-come-first-served computer lab with one basic rule - all activities on the computers must pertain to writing.

There is a student-led independent learning approach software system in the Lab that offers games, articles, tests as well as videos and powerpoints.

If however, you just need a place to write, at The Writing Centre you can do that too.