Reassembling the Fragments

Reassembling the Fragments - A Conference in Honour of Professors Bridget Brereton, Barbara Lalla and Ian Robertson

**NB: The extended deadline date for the submission of abstracts is 30 June 2011.**

Dates: 25-27 August 2011

In honour of Professors Bridget Brereton, Barbara Lalla and Ian Robertson, the Department of Liberal Arts and the Department of History are hosting Reassembling the Fragments. These scholars, who retired from The University of the West Indies in 2010, have for over thirty years spearheaded the highest quality of research in their respective areas of history, literature and linguistics. They are internationally recognised for their contributions to theoretical constructs, original data collection and analysis and the realization of a Caribbean-based ethos within their respective fields. Their own intellectual breadth and curiosity, which have challenged generations of students to become independent thinkers, make them worthy of acknowledgement. The theme, Reassembling the Fragments, drawn from the Caribbean writer and scholar Derek Walcott’s Nobel Prize speech, is a fitting tribute to their intellectual passion, their lifelong engagement and their substantial output.

The conference, which is being held in the UWI, St Augustine’s 51st year, provides a forum for scholars and practitioners to interrogate the body of work compiled by these intellectual spade workers; examine the socio-cultural contexts which framed and informed their endeavours; and evaluate the tangible out workings of their enquiries. Its theoretical objective is also to highlight broader interdisciplinary research during the period and new insights as the region and the institution enter the first decade of the 21st century.

We invite scholarly papers on a range of topics including but not limited to the following:


Indigenous Ontologies and Epistemologies
Submerged Languages, Histories, Narratives and Cultures
Trauma and its Aftermaths
Pedagogy and the State – Language, Literature & History
Historiography of the Caribbean
Engendering Histories and Narratives
The Historicity of Cultures and Cultures of Historicity
Mediating Caribbean Scapes
Meandering Trajectories of Creolisation
The Role of Creole Languages in Representing Caribbean Literature and History
When Subalterns Speak – the Politics of the Voice
In Praise of Orality
Caribbean Representation and Subject Construction
UWI Scholarship 60 years later – A Retrospective and a Way forward

Presentation Formats 
Formal presentation using any medium – limited to 20 minutes 
Poster session - presentation/display space limited to 1.5m x 1.5m
Panel discussion - two or three papers encompassing a range of perspectives on an issue
Round Table - informal presentation settings limited to 20 minutes
Performance - drama, dance, music, oratory, etc.
Demonstration or Exhibition – art, craft, film, audio recording, etc. 
Workshop – practical, interactive sessions limited to 2 hours

What to Submit

The proposal should identify the issue and/or topic and presentation type and should include information on resources/facilities that would be required. Submit an abstract of not more than 250 words and a one (1) paragraph curriculum vitae. Where there are co-presenters, submit a vita for each presenter.

30 June 2011: Deadline for submission of abstracts/proposals
15 July 2011: Notification of acceptance

Send Submissions to:

Dr Paula Morgan
Head, Department of Liberal Arts
Dr Rita Pemberton
Head, Department of History
The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine
Trinidad & Tobago


For Further Information:
(868) 662-2002 Ext. 2031/4235