The Department offers several Bachelor of Arts (BA) programmes in a variety of disciplines, as well as several interdisciplinary programmes. 


Linguistics (including Foundation English Language Writing programmes, T&T Sign Language (TTSL) and French-lexicon Creole/Patois)



The Department collaborates with other departments and schools to offer interdisciplinary majors in the following:

English Language and Literature with Education
Latin American Studies
Speech-Language Pathology

Check the table below for a summary of majors and minors offered within the Department.




Brazilian Studies No Yes
Caribbean Sign Language Interpreting No Yes
French Yes Yes
English Language and Literature with Education Yes No
Latin American Studies Yes No
Linguistics Yes Yes
Spanish Yes Yes
Speech-Language Pathology Yes Yes


While these programmes and courses are offered within the Department, collaboration with other departments is possible, for example, those within the Faculty such as the Department of Literary, Cultural and Communication Studies, the Department of Creative and Festival Arts, the Department of History, and the School of Education.  Outside of the Faculty, many students opt to do courses in the Department of Behavioural Sciences and other departments within the Faculty of Social Sciences. For more information on out-of-Faculty programmes and courses, please check the handbook of the relevant School or Faculty.

The Department offers courses in Foundation English Language Writing Courses (compulsory for all Humanities students), French-lexicon Creole (Patois), Hindi (in collaboration with the Centre for Language Learning or CLL), Portuguese and T&T Sign Language (TTSL).

Students should consult the School or Faculty Handbook (Undergraduate) for further details on rules and regulations. Click to view the pre-requisites for undergraduate programmes, and here are the Faculty entry requirements.

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