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Mrs Désirée Augustin

Research Interests

Mrs Augustin’s research interests in educational administration and leadership focus on middle management/leadership and instructional leadership, educational policy and change.  She is also interested in teaching and teacher education, curriculum and the teaching of English with specific focus on the teaching of literature.  Her work subscribes to qualitative inquiry.

Selected Publications

  • Augustin, D. S. (2020) Leadership in support of teachers’ action research in schools: Heads of departments positioned for purpose. Caribbean Curriculum. Special issue: Action Research, 27.

  • Ramlal, A. & Augustin, D. S. (2019) Engaging students in reflective writing: an action research project. Educational Action Research, DOI: 10.1080/09650792.2019.1595079
  • James, F., & Augustin, D. (2017). Improving teachers’ pedagogical and instructional practice through action research: Potential and problems.  Educational Action Research.  DOI 10. 1080/09650792.2017.1332655.  Journal impact – 0.779
  • Yamin-Ali, J., Herbert, S., James, F., Ali, S., Augustin, D., Phillip, S. and Rampersad. J. (2016). Quality assurance in teacher education through insider evaluation and stakeholder involvement: A case for programme renewal. Caribbean Curriculum. 24, 52–74.

Mrs Augustin's additional publications and conference presentations can be viewed at:  

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