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Multimedia Production Centre

The MPC is divided into two sections: audio-visual and printing. The Centre provides a one-stop facility where a complete range of print services is offered under one roof. We strive to understand your print requirements and to translate them into the best possible printed products, thus creating added value for our customers. Since the Centre was first established in 1970, we have produced a substantial number of publications for the Faculty of Humanities and Education and for the wider university community.

Our print product range includes:

  • Annual Reports
  • Books/Cover Designs
  • Certificates
  • Brochures
  • Presentation Folders
  • File Folders
  • CD/DVD Burning
  • Posters
  • Flyers
  • Invitations
  • Call Cards
  • Requisition/Invoice Books (NCR)

MPC also offers complete prepress services such as graphics, layout, flatbed scanning, photo illustration and design.

Job Tracking
Customers can track the production status of the print projects through email and/or telephone.

Job Submission
Customers can submit their data in person via hard or soft copy or through internal email. We work with most Adobe Applications. Persons using Publisher are asked to supply a hard copy or to reformat their documents in compliant applications. MPC printing can accommodate virtually any file format you wish to provide. We do, however, warn our customers that some entry-level design programme such as Publisher are not exactly printer-friendly and may cause unnecessary delay and additional (re)preparation cost. The most popular programme accepted, either in PC or Mac format, include PageMaker, PhotoShop, Illustrator, and In-Design. *Our MacIntosh computers do not accept floppies.

If your project is not designed in one of these formats, this is no cause for concern. We have not accepted a job that we could not print from customers files. There is always hard copy. The important thing to remember is that MPC printing uses a PDF workflow solution. Providing us with properly prepared PDF Files will save you valuable time and money.

PDF Proofing
Proofing with Adobe PDF files has become an accepted alternative to costly and time-consuming hard copy proofing. This is subject to file size when emailing.

Print Size
Our in-house maximum print is 18”X24”, but we can cater to your specific needs.

Books: Printing and Binding
There are many types of publications (e.g. magazines, catalogues and annual Reports), both large and small, which are bound using binding techniques such as saddle-stitched, perfect binding, hard case, etc. We also offer book printing and book binding services.

Request for Quote
You can submit a request for a quote/estimate by filling in the specifications of your print project on forms we provide. We prefer not to estimate via phone, since we prefer to see the physical attributes of the job in question.

For more information, contact:

Mr. Carl Carr
Multi Media Production Centre
Tel/ext: (868)-662-2002 ext.84150

Mr. Harry Cassie
Printing Supervisor
Multi Media Production Centre
Tel/ext: (868)-662-2002 ext.84147, 84150

Mr. Harry Chaitram
Printing Operator
Multi Media Production Centre
Tel/ext: (868)-662-2002 ext.84150

Ms. Cheringdell Depradine
Technical Assistant | Graphic Artist
Multi Media Production Centre
Tel/ext: (868) 662-2002 ext.84147, 84150

Mrs. Vitra Anita Lalloo
Technical Assistant
Multi Media Production Centre
Tel/ext: (868)-662-2002 ext.84150

Mr. Lyndon Ramphal
General Maintenance
Multi Media Production Centre
Tel/ext: (868)-662-2002 ext. 84150

Mr. Jason Pargon
General Maintenance
Multi Media Production Centre
Tel/ext: (868)-662-2002 ext. 84150

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