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FHE Administration

FHE Administration

Resources for FHE Faculty and Staff

The smooth running of the faculty is fostered by collaborating and managing change in policies and practices that not only affect the academic life of the faculty but of the university as a whole. Our web site is one such resource. FHE's Administration includes encouraging education initiatives, promoting interdisciplinary research, as well as creating information technology policy and initiatives for the faculty.


FHE's Committees occupy a special place in the faculty - they stand at the intersection connecting administration, teaching and learning.

There are 7 committees in the Faculty comprising a cross-section of faculty members, senior administrative staff, student representatives from the Guild of Students and student course representatives.

Committees in the Faculty of Humanities and Education are as follows:

  • Entrance Committee
    • The purpose of an Entrance Committee is basically to assess the qualifications of applicants for entry into the UWI in a particular Faculty.
  • Faculty Coordinating Committee aka Head of Faculty Committee
    • The purpose of the Faculty Coordinating Committee is to resolve general administrative matters ranging from planning to inter-departmental activities.  This board sometimes acts on the behalf of Faculty Board Committee.
  • Assessment & Promotions Committee
    • The purpose of the Assessment & Promotions Committee is to look at vets applications from staff members for promotion up to senior lecturer and advises the Campus Appointment Committee.
  • Faculty IT Committee
  • Prizes Committee
    • The purpose of the Prizes Committee is to organize the Prize Giving Ceremony and to resolves matters pertaining to the recipients and the donors of the prizes
  • Faculty Management Committee
  • Post Graduate Research Committee
    • The purpose of the Post Graduate Research Committee is to oversee the admission of students into the graduate school and to manage of all graduate level matters for the faculty.

Administrative Offices

The administrative offices at each department offer specialized services to meet the needs of their faculty, students and staff.

See the Contact FHE page for contact information for each department, specialised unit and centre.

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