Armando García de la Torre, Ph.D.



Armando Garcia

Degree/Qualification: B.A. (Boston), M.A. (Florida, Atlantic), Ph.D. (Wasington State)


Office Room Number: 217A

Extension No.: 83049



HIST 2008: Colonial Latin America

HIST 2101: History of Latin America 1810-1910

HIST 2102: Latin America since 1910

HIST 3603: From Monroe to Castro


Dr. García specialises in the history of Cuba, of the Spanish-speaking Caribbean, in Latin America and in World History. His current research interests are in the late 19th century Cuban independence leader, José Martí and the global dimensions of his anti-colonialism. He teaches courses on colonial and modern Latin America; on the African Diaspora in Latin America; and on Latin American foreign relations. Dr. García won a Ministry of Culture research grant from the Kingdom of Spain (2006), a faculty research and development grant while at Eastern Washington University, and most recently held a visiting assistant professorship in modern African and Afro-Latin American history at Portland State University (Oregon). His recent publications include “The Contradictions of Late Nineteenth-Century Nationalist Doctrines: Three Keys to the ‘Globalism’ of Martí’s Nationalism” in the Journal of Global History and is currently working on a book that uncovers a “global” José Martí.




Armando Garcia book 2

Armando García de la Torre. José Martí: Aproximaciones globales. Valencia, Spain: Editorial Aduana Vieja, 2017.



Armando Garcia book


Armando García de la Torre. José Martí and the Global Origins of Cuban Independence. Kingston: The University of the West Indies Press, 2015.



Armando Garcia book 3

Francisco Morales Padrón (author), Armando Garcia de la Torre, PhD, editor and translator,Spanish Trinidad (Kingston and Miami: Ian Randle Publishers, 2012)