Heather Cateau, Ph.D.

Senior Lecturer & Dean, Faculty of Humanities & Education


Dr. Heather Cateau


Degree/Qualification: B.A., Ph.D. (UWI)

Email: Heather.Cateau@sta.uwi.edu

Office Room Number: 230

Extension No.: 83059



Dr. Cateau specialises in the study of plantation systems and in comparative systems of enslavement.  She teaches courses in the areas of Caribbean history, economic history, and Caribbean historiography. She is working on “Voices of the Past,” a novel oral history project which seeks to capture historical experiences before they are lost.  She has held fellowships in Atlantic Studies from the University of Iowa (2004-2005); and the Smuts Visiting Fellowship in Commonwealth Studies, Cambridge University (1999-2000). Her books include Capitalism and Slavery Fifty Years Later with Selwyn Carrington; History of the Caribbean in the Atlantic World with John Campbell, and Beyond Tradition: Reinterpreting the Caribbean Historical Experience with Rita Pemberton.  She is currently working on New Perspectives on Management of Plantations in the British Caribbean.




Front Cover

Heather Cateau, Selwyn H. H. Carrington, Capitalism and Slavery Fifty Years Later: Eric Eustace Williams--a Reassessment of the Man and His Work, Peter Lang, 2000.


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Heather Cateau and Rita Pemberton, eds., Beyond Tradition: Reinterpreting the Caribbean Historical Experience, Ian Randle Publishers, 2006.