Dean's Remarks

We are indeed excited to meet the students who are entering the Faculty of Social Sciences to read for degrees, certificates and diplomas both at the Graduate and Undergraduate levels.

This will be the start of an amazing and rewarding journey.  The outcome of this journey will not only  inform the kind of career you will choose but also, hopefully, ensure that the  region as a whole will benefit from persons of integrity and honesty and persons who are committed to building the region.

The Faculty of Social Sciences is committed to the advancement, promotion, and propulsion of the economic, social, political and cultural development of Caribbean society through teaching, research, innovation, community and public service and intellectual leadership. We have on board, in the various departments that comprise the Faculty, mentors and lecturers who will guide you each step of the way in your development. When you eventually leave these doors, we expect to see you assuming your roles as the new leaders, politicians, economists, sociologists, psychologists, administrators, diplomats, criminologists, managers and CEOs, and mediators.  The period that you will spend with us will forge bonds and you will always be remembered as part of the Faculty of Social Sciences.

This Faculty of Social Sciences, Regulations and Syllabuses (2016- 2017) will be your guide with respect to the offerings of the various departments. It will help you to successfully navigate your way through your programmes and courses. Please ensure that you read this booklet carefully. It will provide you with the range of courses that you may select in reading for your degree or programme.

While Heads, Faculty and administrative and technical staff are excited and willing to assist you in this life-changing journey, we do have expectations of you as well. Unlike, the secondary schools, your success or failure will depend primarily on YOU. You are expected to read for a degree/programme. I urge you to read widely, enjoy reading, engage in debates, participate actively in seminars and conferences. Attend your classes and tutorials at all times and please, be excited. The assignments given by your lecturers are not intended to be punitive but rather to assist you in applying the knowledge learnt. We expect you to be respectful to lecturers and members of staff as well as to your colleagues. We expect you to dress in such a manner that you earn the respect you deserve. We expect you to manage your time, your resources, to have healthy meals and to exercise. We welcome the opportunity for you to forge lifelong friendships with your colleagues both within the region and outside. Please avail YOURSELVES of the opportunities available, particularly the opportunity to attend classes in our sister campuses during your second year.  We encourage you to participate in the various activities offered on Campus, however, always stay focused  on your primary reason for attending the University of the West Indies.

Make us proud!

As the Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, I am here to serve you at all times. Please do not hesitate to voice your concerns, your fears and plans with any member of the Faculty. We will guide you on this journey. We will take your hand and hope that you will leave a footprint in the Faculty so that future generations will look back and say that this was the best group of students the University has had.


Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences


Mission Statement

The enduring mission of the Faculty of Social Sciences is to advance, promote and propel the economic, social, political and cultural development of Caribbean society through teaching, research, innovation, community and public service, and intellectual leadership.

Vision Statement

The Faculty of Social Sciences seeks to maintain a commitment to the pursuit of excellence by assisting students to develop a capacity for independent thought, critical analysis, self-awareness and social awareness by the nurturing of a keen sense of individual and social responsibility and the building of respect for cultural diversity and the rule of law. In promoting Caribbean identity, the Faculty of Social Sciences seeks to cultivate multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary collaboration by preserving a climate of intellectual freedom, fostering ethical values, attitudes and approaches and encouraging community service and involvement, and also dedication to the development of the region.

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