Foundation Courses

Students are required to obtain credits for three foundation courses, before they can be awarded their degree as follows:

Faculty of Medical Sciences courses:

  1. PECH 1001 The Health Professional and Society 
  2. PECH 1101 Communication Principles for Effective Health Care
  3. PECH 1102 PECH Practicum
  4. MDSC 2406 Research Project I


Basic Health Sciences

The students are taught together with their medical and veterinary colleagues in semesters 1 to 3 as listed at the Department of Pre-Clinical Sciences. Dental subjects are taught at the School of Dentistry.

The dental students are exposed to dentistry in their first year in a non- examinable programme “Introduction to dentistry,” where they perform activities related to hand skills, learn tooth morphology, and are exposed to the clinical work of other dental students and interns.

Basic Dental Sciences

Formal training in basic dental sciences begins in the second year where they take oral biology. In Semester 4, they take only dental subjects designed to prepare them for their entry to clinical work on patients in Semester 5.

The details of these courses are outlined in the Faculty of Medical Sciences Undergraduate Booklet.

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