Histopathology Specimens

Specimens for histopathology examinations may be dropped off to the Dental School for examination and report.

They should be placed in properly sealed container in 10% formal saline at 10X the volume of the specimen. The container must be labelled with the patient's and clinician's names, the date that the specimen was taken, and the type of specimen.

A completed oral pathology and services request form must accompany the specimen. You may download a copy here.

Reports are usually completed in five working days, and may be faxed if urgent.

Patient Referrals

Referrals for sedation and or specialist consultations may be made at the respective department. Patients must attend a consultation visit. For further information and or/appointments, please contact the receptionists at the numbers listed below.

Paediactric Reception


  645 2640 ext. 4330
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Reception


  645 2540 ext. 4129
Oral Medicine / Oral Pathology Reception
  645 7816



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