Our Aims

The Department’s Vision:

“To be a pre-eminent department that deepens engaged scholarship, student centeredness, collaborative exchange, and critical praxes that foster positive social change and justice in the Caribbean and beyond.” 

The Department’s Mission:

"To advance the ideals of social change and justice; through conscientization, inter-disciplinary praxis, cutting edge teaching and life-long learning, innovative research, knowledge creation and collaboration, for the betterment of all people and societies in the region and beyond."

Core Values:

  • Excellence - High standards in research, teaching and service necessary for the 21st century.
  • Collaboration - Practicing collaborative exchange and interdisciplinary scholarship.
  • Diversity - Promoting cultural sensitivity, inclusion, equity within the academic community
  • Resilience - Strengthening the coping skills/competencies of staff and students
  • Service - Providing relevant, exceptional skill sets and services for our staff, students and society.
  • Integrity - maintaining and upholding university policies, regulations and ordinances while delivering on our commitments with attention to transparency.
  • Social justice - Addressing the multiple injustices and forms of discriminations that exist within our communities, while empowering persons to become more resilient.
  • Student responsiveness - Ensuring student development that is grounded in problem-based solutions or initiatives that address the problems that we face in our Caribbean context.
  • Professionalism - In our interactions with colleagues, staff, students and stakeholders, while being collegial.


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