Graduation ceremony was held for the National Youth Leadership Training Programme Phase II

  •                  Stop Cyberbullying                   

  • A Tree Planting Initiative. 

  • In partnership with the Ministry of Youth Development and National Service, the Department of Behavioural Sciences has launched a National Leadership Training Programme read more

UWI forms ‘Crime Group’ to find real solutions

By Joel Henry

Gender-based violence is only one aspect of lawlessness in a society that has struggled with crime over the last several decades. And though measures to curb crime have had some positive effects, criminality remains one of Trinidad and Tobago’s most persistent issues, hurting the economy, damaging T&T’s international reputation, and causing fear and anger among its people.Read More

  • Socially Engaged and Solutions Oriented

The Faculty of Social Sciences applies teaching, research and outreach to the crises of today

By Dr Acolla Lewis-Cameron

We live on an island and in a region, a world that is constantly bombarded by crises that have disrupted the way we travel, the way we consume goods and services, the way we invest, and the way we live. It is a highly digitised, connected world that has disrupted the ways in which we access, process and share information. We live in a morally divisive world that has disrupted our thinking on what is right and wrong.

It is in this context that at the Faculty of Social Sciences (FSS) we have re-aligned our focus within recent times to become more socially engaged and solutions oriented. We understand that in serving our constituents, the FSS must now respond to the uncertain future more than we ever have in the past. As such, while we encourage students to focus on academic excellence, we also strive to continue to produce wholesome individuals who are deep thinkers and innovators of solutions. Our bank of highly competent researchers, educators and administrators continue to work with industry stakeholders to tackle the myriad of socio-economic issues through various initiatives which have positively impacted the lives of many. Read more


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