Postgraduate Diploma Mediation Studies


The Postgraduate Diploma in Mediation Studies is taught through the Department of Behavioural Sciences, St. Augustine Campus, UWI.  The Postgraduate Diploma caters to the demand for rigorous standards, training and certification in mediation. The development and inception of a training programme in mediation at The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine Campus, complements offerings in the Faculty of Law at Cave Hill, at the Norman Manley and Hugh Wooding Law Schools and in various courses throughout UWI. The programme plays a key role in building a network of experts in mediation who function as trainers, teachers, and supervisors in establishing the conflict resolution field and education/training services in Trinidad and Tobago.

The Aims and Objectives

  • To educate professionals in the theory and practice of mediation.
  • To equip programme participants with the requisite skills base for effective practice in community mediation centres, and other conflict resolution and negotiation positions and agencies in the region.
  • To promote a culture of peaceful, and non-violent, solution- seeking approaches to disputes.
  • To develop expertise and capacity in the mediation field.
  • To facilitate the growth of the knowledge base required for ongoing training and supervision in mediation at The University of the West Indies, and in agencies in Trinidad and Tobago.

On completion, graduates of the programme would be able to:

  • Describe and analyse conflict theory and conflict resolution strategies
  • Demonstrate requisite skills to intake clients, analyse and evaluate potential for conflict resolution
  • Demonstrate the practice skills of the generic mediation process
  • To apply the process in community, family, and victim/offender disputes
  • Demonstrate the ability and skills to develop and promote mediation and restorative justice processes
  • Demonstrate the capacity to evaluate mediation, including demonstration by students of key skill sets and management of the entire process.

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