Shanice Williams

My name is Shanice Williams and I am a product of the U.W.I Sociology department from undergraduate to PhD. I vividly remember my undergraduate days, I like to think of this period as the conception of my love for Sociology. This love was fueled by the lecturers that I came into contact with, whom were always approachable within and outside of classes. Each lecturer was highly competent in their respective areas of study and were always passionate in imparting their knowledge to us. They successfully achieved this by bridging theory with everyday life and encouraged us to do the same.

At the end of my undergraduate tenure, I had no doubts that I had further my studies in the same filed, as my love for the discipline continued to grow within me. My transition to graduate school was also a smooth one as my lecturers made themselves available to answer any questions that I may have had. The same close knit atmosphere was present while undertaking my graduate studies. With all conditions being right, a few years later, my passion for Sociology was birthed as I graduated with a PhD.

Sociology has and continues to allow me to experience life not in black and white, but in shades of grey. The degree is not one that only comes into play in the world of work, but is useful in helping you navigate daily life. Should I have to do it all over again? My choice of study would remain the same.

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