Dr Talia Esnard

Senior Lecturer and Head of Department

Department of Behavioural Sciences

The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine Campus

St. Augustine

Trinidad and Tobago

Telephone: 868-662-2002 Ext 82023
Ext 82711

Email: Talia.Esnard@sta.uwi.edu

Talia Esnard, PhD Sociology is a Senior Lecturer and current Head/Chair of the Department of Behavioural Sciences, at the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine campus, Trinidad and Tobago. Prior to her appointment with the UWI, St. Augustine, she served as an Assistant Professor in the Center of Education for 8 years at the University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT). At the UWI, St. Augustine campus, she has taught a range of courses in both quantitative and qualitative research, as well as, in development theory and praxis; both at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Administratively, she previously served as Deputy Dean for Undergraduate Student Matters within the Faculty of Social Sciences-FSS (UWI-2018-2020) and as Chair for the FSS Curriculum Committee (2016-2018).  As a researcher, she focuses on issues of women, work, and organizations; particularly within entrepreneurial and educational spheres. Some of her work has been published in the (i) Journal of Motherhood Initiative, (ii) Women, Gender and Families of Color, (iii) Journal of Cases in Educational Leadership, (iv) Mentoring and Tutoring: Partnership in Learning, and (v) NASPA Journal about Women in Higher Education.  She is the lead co-author of Black women, academe and the tenure process in the United States and the Caribbean (Esnard & Cobb-Roberts 2018). She is the co-editor for Mentoring as Critically Engaged Praxis: Storying the Lives and Contributions of Black Women Administrators (Cobb-Roberts & Esnard, 2020) and Mothering and Entrepreneurship: Global perspectives, Identities and Complexities (Esnard & Knight, 2020). She is one of the authors for Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion in Caribbean Organisations and Society (Stephenson, Persadie, Bissessar, & Esnard, 2020) and the sole author of Entrepreneurial Women in the Caribbean: Critical Insights and Policy Implications (Esnard, 2022) . She was a recipient of Taiwan Research Fellowship (2012) and Canada-CARICOM Faculty Leadership Program (2015 at Brock University & 2018 at Ryerson University). 



  • PhD, Sociology

Research Interests

  • Issues related to women, work, and organizations

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