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ST offers nine unique MSc programmes in cutting-edge fields at the intersection of science and technology taught by world-class faculty in world-class facilities. These programmes are designed to build critical capacity in the Caribbean region and enable the development of frontier industries by producing graduates capable of offering solutions to global challenges. Our GATE-funded MSc programmes offer flexible part-time enrollment so students can maintain full-time employment.

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MSc Biodiversity Conservation & Sustainable Development in the Caribbean

MSc BiodiversityThe graduate degree in Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Development in the Caribbean is a taught program geared towards building and strengthening capacity in environmental management, biodiversity conservation, and sustainable development in the Caribbean. Teaching in this programme involves a blend of internet-based distance teaching and face-to-face training. This MSc/Diploma programme is designed to use the best teaching talent in biodiversity conservation and sustainable development from among four universities in this regional teaching consortium - The University of the West Indies, University of Belize, University of Guyana, and the Anton de Kom Universiteit van Suriname. Using this approach, we aim to ensure that you the student, are exposed to experiences from a broad range of Caribbean conservation and sustainable management perspectives.

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Programme Coordinator: Luke.Rostant@sta.uwi.edu


MSc Biomedical Physics

MSc Biomedical PhysicsCareers in the health sector are expected to be a major area of growth in Trinidad and Tobago as well as abroad. The GATE-approved MSc in Biomedical Physics programme caters to this burgeoning field and prepares the professional to make valuable contributions to the present and future technological healthcare demands of the region. Graduates of this programme are expected to satisfy the need for locally trained experts in various areas of Biomedical Physics such as diagnostic imaging, radiotherapy and biomedical equipment management and maintenance. We expect as well an increase in vacancies for Medical Physicists in a few years due to the construction of three new hospitals at Pt. Fortin, Arima and Sangre Grande as well as the completion of the National Oncology Center. Graduates can also expect to apply their expertise in the areas of education in schools and universities, research and development, quality control and government regulatory agencies.

We are now inviting final year undergraduates, graduates with a B.Sc. in Physics/Applied Physics, Engineering or Biomedical Technology from recognized universities (local or international) to apply for entry into the MSc programme in Biomedical Physics in the 2018-2019 academic year. Suitably qualified working professionals in regional health authorities, engineers, school teachers, lab technicians and university staff seeking career enhancement are also encouraged and most welcome to apply for entry into the programme.

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Programme Coordinator: Roger.Andrews@sta.uwi.edu

MSc Biotechnology

MSc BiotechnologyThis MSc/Diploma programme was developed to meet the urgent need of the UWI and the Caribbean region to immediately invest in biotechnology, which is considered to be one of the most promising and fastest-growing technologies today. The field of biotechnology is recognized for its potential to offer solutions to worldwide problems from food security and health to clean energy and environmental sustainability. This programme, taught by world-class faculty in world-class laboratory and bioinformatics facilities, explores cutting-edge areas of Biotechnology from genomics and precision medicine to industrial and medical microbiology to bioinformatics, bioethics and opportunities for biotech entrepreneurship in the region! There is a significant research component where students generate new knowledge as we tackle important problems facing our region with the use of Biotechnological tools. Building technical capacity in this area will create avenues for advanced research and development of intellecutal property which will fuel industrial and business activity, and the generation of employment opportunities in this frontier field.

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Programme Coordinator: Jayaraj.Jayaraman@sta.uwi.edu


MSc Computer Science

MSc Computer Science

According to Forbes, companies around the world are looking for more and more cloud computing experts, for private and public environments. This is a result of the fact that many companies are moving from the traditional server infrastructure to cloud solutions. Mobile technologies are already integrated into the social structure of developed and developing countries and are gaining prominence in a multitude of sectors by increasing intelligent connectivity. To be admitted to this programme a candidate should possess a BSc degree in Computer Science or a major in Computer Science or equivalent (with a minimum GPA 2.5) and a minimum average of B+ (3.0) in a few core courses or equivalent. Candidates without the core courses may be considered for entry upon successful completion of qualifying courses.

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Programme Coordinator: Michael.Hosein@sta.uwi.edu

MSc Data Science

MSc Data ScienceAccording to LinkedIn, the fastest growing jobs in the USA are (1) Machine Learning and (2) Data Science. Data Science (a subset of Artificial Intelligence) uses techniques and theories drawn from Computer Science, Statistics and Mathematics to develop technologies such as self-driving vehicles, image and speech recognition, natural language processing, voice assistants etc. Graduates will be well-equipped to apply their expertise to propel the development of the region. Applicants should possess a minimum GPA of 2.5 or a Lower Second Class Honours degree or its equivalent in Computer Science, Statistics or a related field and have a basic knowledge of Computer Programming, Introductory Statistics, and Linear Algebra. We recommend taking the self-assessment test located at http://ai.lab.tt

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Programme Coordinator: Patrick.Hosein@sta.uwi.edu

MSc Mathematics

MSc MathsThe goal of the MSc Mathematics programme is to provide students with a broader foundation in pure and applied mathematics. The programme caters for secondary school teachers who wish to enhance their knowledge of mathematics in order to teach at the tertiary level as well as to students who intend to pursue a PhD degree and a research career in mathematics. The level of expertise acquired in this programme will enable graduates to perform more efficiently in the workplace and will also serve to enhance their analytical skills and overall research capability.

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Programme Coordinator: Asad.Mohammed2@sta.uwi.edu


MSc Occupational & Environmental Safety and Health

MSC OESHRecently enacted and pending legislation within the Caribbean region and developments in global trade alongside rapid technological advancements are together placing urgent demands on businesses, trade unions, and institutions to employ individuals with robust competencies in Occupational and Environmental Safety and Health (OESH). The MSc OESH programme addresses the growing requirement for all employers, managers, supervisors, policy makers, and public leaders to have a functional awareness of the key issues related to environmental and occupational safety and health. This programme is designed to prepare persons to function in key areas such as compliance, research and development, training, organisational systems and practice, policy and standards development. Graduates would be able to develop, design, implement and manage complex OESH programmes and systems and to provide consultancy services and to educate others.

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Programme Coordinator: Lebert.Grierson@sta.uwi.edu

MSc Renewable Energy Technology

MSc Renewable Energy TechnologyJoin the movement for a sustainable Caribbean future! If your passion is protecting our planet, then this programme is for you. Learn about the wide expanse of Renewable Energy Technologies and how you can integrate these to make the Caribbean’s energy future clean, green and secure. The MSc Renewable Energy Technology program is a versatile, interdisciplinary program that offers students the opportunity to become trained in designing Renewable Energy Systems for various applications, and assessing their economic, social and environmental impacts. Our students benefit from a cadre of highly qualified local and foreign lecturers, as well as Industry experts. Students receive practical, hands-on training in Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Bioenergy, Geothermal Energy, Hydro and Marine Energy, Smart-grid technology, and much more.

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Programme Coordinator: Indra.Haraksingh@sta.uwi.edu


StatsA Master of Statistics Degree Can Help Advance Your Career
The demand for trained statisticians continues to increase as the world becomes more dependent on data analysis to provide information to make informed decisions. With a Master of Statistics degree you can advance your career in almost any field, including education, science and technology as well as healthcare.
Why a Master of Statistics at UWI, St Augustine?
If you handle data as a professional and want to have a more comprehensive knowledge of statistics and its applications, then our Master of Statistics program is appropriate for you. The degree covers both the theoretical and applied aspects of statistics. The requirements for entry into the program is an undergraduate degree in Mathematics or Statistics with a GPA of at least 2.5. You may also enter as a qualifying student if you have a degree in another subject.
The curriculum enables you to use industry-standard software such as R and SPSS to improve your data analytic proficiency. In 2 to 5 years you can complete the degree, doing courses covering a variety of statistical applications areas, including data mining and biostatistics techniques.

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Programme Coordinator: Isaac.Dialsingh@sta.uwi.edu