One minute lecture series



This video kick starts the FST’s “Mini” Lecture Series. A set of concise lectures (under two minutes) where students can quickly learn about topics within the areas of Science and Technology. In this video, Dr. Shirin Haque from the department of Physics, answers a question about the possibility of finding extra-terrestrial life.

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The Australian born Dr. Mike Oatham, from the Department of Life Sciences, responds to a question concerning the measurement and valuation of ecosystem services provided by the natural resources of Trinidad and Tobago (such as the Buccoo Reef and the Northern Range).

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In this video, the Biochemist Dr. Adrian Lennon, clears up a student’s confusion about the supposed instability of cellular membranes and sheds some light on the structure, functionality and importance of the membrane to the cell.

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Renewable Energy

At a time when the price of oil and natural gas has been declining, many people in Trinidad have suggested that the country looks into investing in alternative/renewable sources of energy. One student asks why this has not been done. Here, Lecturer Stokeley Smart (Actuarial Science and Law) who is involved in a renewable energy company (Smart Energy), sheds light on this controversial topic.

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Comic book movies took the box office by storm this year. One of those movies was the latest installment of the X-Men franchise: X-Men Apocalypse. So it’s no surprise that one of our students here at the FST was eager to find out why we humans have not evolved to become like these mutants. Dr. Rajini Haraksingh (Department of Life Sciences) who specializes in biotechnology, explains why this is not so and sheds light on the possibility of this becoming a reality.

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