Prof. Gurdial Singh

Dr. Gurdial Singh


  • B.Sc. Hons. (Liverpool) 1977
  • Ph.D (Manchester) 1980

Research Interest

My research interests are in the areas of carbohydrate chemistry. In this area we have developed the propane-1,3-diylphosphate having group for the stereoselective glycosylation of pyranoses and furanoses. We are currently investigating the synthesis of cell surface carbohydrates.

I am also interested in the chiral synthesis of alcohols using a newly reducing agent. I have an interest in the synthesis and development of novel dental materials using phosphorus chemistry and in peptide and beta-lactam chemistry.

Organic Chemistry

Telephone: 1(868) 6622002 Ext. 3538
Fax: 1868-645-3771

Selected Publications

  • Synthesis of chiral carbohydrate ionic liquids. P. G. J. Plaza, B. A. Bhongade, G. Singh SynLett. 2008, 2973-2976.
  • Synthesis of Chiral Cyclohexanes and Carbasugars by 6-exo-dig Radical Cyclisation Reactions. R. K. Shrivastava, E. Maudru, G. Singh, R.H. Wightman, K.M. Morgan Bielstein J.Org. Chem 2008, 43.
  • A unique approach to the synthesis of a dengue vaccine and the novel tetrasaccharide that results
    N K Jalsa, G Singh. Tetrahedron: Asymmetry, 2009, 201, 867-874.
  • Synthesis and antitumor activity of optically active thiourea and their 2-aminobenzothiazole derivatives: A novel class of anticancer agents. S. N. Manjula, N. Malleshappa Noolvi, K. Vipan Parihar, S. A. Manohara Reddy, V. Raman, A. K. Gadad, G. Singh, N. G. Kutty, C. M. Rao. Eur.J. Med. Chem. 2009, 44, 2923-2929.